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After seeing more home pages and trying to appreciate the power of this medium this is a major addition to my home page. I started out trying to compile lists but realized that such a course only reflects myself by the content of other people's work. I am going to take a stab at including some text to express a little more about my life. I must give partial credit for the motivation for this change to the home page of Ken Huffman which I happened across.

Now the dreaded biography follows. I was born in October of 1949 to Chester and Dorothy Scholl in Sharon, Pa. After a few excursions from here in my passage through schools I ended back here in Hermitage, Pa.

In fact I really am Chester but due to my mother's desire not to have a "Jr" or "sonny" running around I ended up being called Barney as a derivative of my middle name of Barnhart. I have one sister, Ellen, who also lives in the area.

My education after Sharon High School included a tour of four colleges. After three semesters at Grove City College I ended up with a degree in Systems Analysis from The University of Miami. The trip included short visits to Youngstown State University and Allegheny College. At that point in history there were not an abundance of technical jobs so I decide to follow my father's footsteps and went to Dickinson School of Law.

After passing the Pennsylvania Bar exam I returned to Sharon and finally became a partner in the firm of Fruit, Dill, Goodwin & Scholl. Not only was I working with my father but ultimately we ended up with three father son combinations.

My life has progressed rather sedately with my free time spent in a few community organizations, the Presbyterian church and a few sports. Some of the community groups that I have helped develop web sites for include the Kiwanis Club of Sharon and the Community Food Warehouse. The world of internet seems to be taking up more and more time. The time spent with the merlink project seems to leave less and less time for skiing and bicycling. The skiing is more often done in the winter but the water type of skis are used every once in a while.

My interest in computers started in my early childhood when I tried to figure out how electric trains worked. From controlling trains my interest passed on to Amateur Radio as K3ZFP and later K3LA, before the micro computer developed. From there it was an easy passage to computers as micro computers progressed from TRS-80 onward to these current boxes that do almost anything.

The cultural side of my life has been filed with jazz, classical and folk music with regular trips to the Pittsburgh Symphony and a few other miscellaneous stops at musical performances and plays.

Since I have never been married I would like to have a cat or two for company, but since I am not around much I have had to find a few cats hanging around. Until I develop some more photographs to display you will have to enjoy only "Remington" on my home page.

I will try to update portions of this page as the events of my life encourage and allow changes to take place. Plus as you can see from my home page there are still the dreaded lists so that can draw your own conclusions. Please take a moment to drop me a note and tell me what you think. I am not willing to say that all your comments will be followed, but at least I will get some e-mail.

Finally the Bartholomew family homepage is updated. My paternal grandmother was one of five Bartholmew children who all were born here in western Pennsylvania. I am going to try to develop a separate space that family members can check regularly and view the family tree.

Another site which I recently have put together is the Western PA Ski Council. If you have an interest in skiing stop by and take a look.

Please check out the Mercer County home page which I have helped develop and thanks for stopping by.

Please take a look at my sister's e-commerce web page at

Please contact me with your complaints or suggestions

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